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One Last Turd


Hello Friends! Glad you are back! Today I am going to tell you about all the great people we met while in the Foley, Gulf Shores, AL area. Get yourself a nice little snack and enjoy my Blog!

First off, let me tell you the folks that live and work in the Foley , Gulf Shores area are really nice people. I have had a lot of working lunches down here while I have been working for Snapdragon Hemp (I know shameless plug) and met and became friends with the gals that work at Lauria’s on the beach. It is a quant restaurant in Gulf Shores. If you go to the T, turn right, it’s about a half of mile on the right. If you know, you know. Really good food! While dining there, I met Jamie Lynn. She is a brite little spirit with more energy that I can even dream about. I also met Laurie. These girls work so hard, and always have a smile for you when you walk in the door. I also made the “wall of fame” for coming in! Do yourself a favor while in Gulf Shores, check out Lauria’s by the Beach, tell ‘em Cathy from Snapdragon sent ya. They’ll know what you’re talking about.

I talked about Big Beach Brewery in my previous Blog, however, I must talk about it again. We met so many cool people here, I really can’t remember everyone, let alone their names. Beer is just one of those activities that bring people together add music in with that, and you have a gold mine, that’s what they have at Big Beach. We met a couple that bought an alligator for his bday party, showed us pictures and all! They sort of reminded me of Beth and Rip, they where a great couple Also met a Gretchen Wilson Look alike! I have given you some pictures to enjoy of peeps we met, even if I don’t remember their names, we left friends.

I am sure you have noticed by now, I keep my hair looking Fresh and on point! I was trying to decide where I should go to keep my hair looking sharp, and ended up going to Eduardos Barber Shop in Foley. My main man Alex and I became compadres. We could not communicate too well, Alex being Hispanic, however kindness is a universal language. I sort of fell in love with Alex, he doesn’t know it, but he is my unofficial boyfriend that I can’t really talk to, he doesn’t know this fact, so it’ll be our secret. In all seriousness, Alex always made me look like the Queen I am. If you need a haircut, and have a style like mine, go see Eduardo’s. They will hook you up!

My Barber and BF, ALEX

I saved the best for last. I need to give you a little background. When we first arrived in Foley, the campground was not very full. There where several couples there that all where retired, and to be honest, I knew that as much as I am social butterfly, that it would be nice to have someone along our age to hang out with. Low and Behold, this Big Ass fusion Camper pulled in. The occupants of this big ass camper where as follows.. Todd, Cande , Ahyke, and Amile. Todd and Cande are of the Human variety, and their cohorts are canine. T&C both still work, and are our age! We hit it off fast. I tell Cande a lot that she sort of saved my life. You have to remember this is the longest I have ever been away from my Daughter and Grandkids, and I was feeling a little low. It was nice to have a friend to confide in and talk about the struggles of being a full time camper, as well as the great times we have had doing so. They ended up becoming really good friends, and we did have done alot together!

The Bad Dogs. They aren’t really bad, that’s just what I call them. In Reality, they are very good dogs. Hike and Mile are Miniature Labra-Doodles. The sweetest is what they are! I loved playing with them, and they loved me. One evening after a day of hanging out with the gang, Cande told me she was going to take the dogs out for “One Last Turd”. It’s funny how a friendship can bloom out of taking the dogs out for a shit. We are going to be visiting our friends in Iowa this summer, and I am sure we will be taking the dogs for a walk together, chatting it up, and for one last turd.

Hike is blonde cutie, Mile is the Black Cutie!

Our next stop will be back home in Chattanooga, TN, then we will take off again to another campground in Kentucky. I am sure we will find some friendly folk there as well. Til then my reader, Go ADVENTURE!!

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