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The Foley Experience


Hello Friends! Thanks for clicking on our website and reading our articles. My Hubby writes most of them, and I am very proud of him and all the great content he provides to the masses, I just throw one every once in a while for comedic relief. This story will be one of those, so sit tight, get a nice drink and read my article!!

Me and Hubby

We have been in Foley Alabama for 4 months. We have stayed at Blue Heron Escape Rv. Very nice Resort. The property itself is lovely. Amenities include, Full hookups,which means no field trips with the “TURD HURST” as I call it. All turds die, and the TH transports them to their final resting place, the Dump Station. The Resort also has an amazing pool, and a Very nice clubhouse where such activities as hamburger night, nickel bingo, and let’s not forget karaoke take place. THE NICEST bathhouses I have ever laid eyes upon, I shit you not! I go over their sometimes to indulge in a steamy hot shower, its fantastic!

The resort also has several folks that help keep the place running.

The owners are Gayle and Scott, and they are the absolute best! Scott is usually on site everyday mowing, planting, cleaning, on the tractor, or just shooting the shit. The others that help the campground run are Tom, the Chairman of the Board, as I like to call him, Steve, the unofficial chef of the joint, and Chuck. You do not want to mess with Chuck, he is a retired marine that has been threw more shit than you can shake a stick at, and works his ass off every day at the resort, just that kind of guy. His lovely wife Hazel also works just as hard.

What have I been up to while in Foley, you ask? A LOT! Let’s start with working for My company Snapdragon Hemp. I have formed several relationships with Businesses here in Foley, as well as Gulf Shores. I am a wholesale Mgr for this amazing company, and am so thankful they took a chance on me! What I do… I contact local businesses about carrying our product, which is the shit, if I say so myself. While I am out scouting, I have found some fun places to visit as well!

Gulf Shores Beach is about 15 minutes from Foley. If you have never been to Gulf Shores you should plan a trip, for the beach alone. It is absolutely gorgeous and is well maintained. It is patrolled by local police, and during spring break, they have an alcohol band. At my age, I really am not interested in hearing drunken youngens whooping it up, there are better places to whoop, in my opinion. The beach access is great, get your pocketbook out, It is a $15.00 parking charge for the day to park in the public access beach area. If you have little kids, it is well worth it!

Another great place we discovered was Big Beach Brewing in Gulf Shores. Great beer, great Venue. They have live music every weekend, and we have heard several different bands with different styles. Okay, gonna go ahead and tell you, I get a little Groupiesh when it comes to good bands. One such band we discovered “ The Badd Dawgs”, I had to get my pic made the band, as well as have them sign my Badd Dawgs T shirt, yes I am that girl. These guys are great, and turned out to be good friends. I included a few more pics of the bands that we have seen. I make friends very easy, take a look below at some of the folks I met at Big Beach!

One thing that is really big in Gulf Shores, and surrounding areas is Mardi Gras! Everyone, including myself though that Mardi Gras originated in New Orleans, turned out it started in Mobile, AL. Parades everyday for the week headed up to Mardi Gras, most businesses decorated in Green, purple, and Gold. I myself went to 3 parades and had the best time! I do love a parade! Our gracious owner at Blue Heron took us out on a Dolphin Cruise boat, as well as a boat a parade. I have never seen Dolphins jump out the water like they did! I was so happy to see Nature at it’s best. That was such a fun day!! There may have been a lot of drunk selfies happening, just saying. Check out the pics below and judge for yourself.

While in Foley, I also took a part time job working at LuLu’s. What is LuLu’s you ask? One of the most popular restaurants in the area. Lucy Buffett is the owner, Jimmy’s sister if you where wondering. I am a Hostess with the Mostess, I sit folks at their tables. The open air dining is lovely during the Spring and Summer Months. If you are lucky enough to get lower deck seating, you will be looking at the intercostal waterway seeing boats, barges, and marine wildlife, it truly is a great place to eat, and to work. I have enjoyed working there for the past couple of months. OHH, and I met and spoke with LuLu herself. She is a very nice lady, down to earth and always speaks to employees as well as customers. A class act.

Speaking of class acts, there was a precious soul that works with me at LuLu’s, and she has made a big impact on my Life. Her name is Pollyanna, she is from Brazil, and she is pure joy. Everyday that I had the privilege to work with Pollyanna, I felt better about life. She always says to me “ Miss Cathy, life is so good”, and she’s right it is. I will always keep her in my heart.

Pollyanna. She is precious!

The Foley Experience has been a great one for me! I have enjoyed the community, the scenery, the food, and making new friends. I will miss being here, however, it is time to move on in just one more short week. We will be heading out May 1, to Chattanooga, TN, our home state for about a month to visit Family, and attend to Business. We have decided to come back to Foley next winter as well, so there will be a Foley experience part 2 one of these sweet sweet days.

This has been a short summary of our time in Foley, I hope you got a chuckle in here and there. Until we meet agin my friends, Adventure ON!!!!

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