Hitches & Tattoos & Vibrators… OH MY!!

I am sitting in my beautiful camper looking out at the lake and all the ducks and coots, and other water foul that have come to dine on the habitants of the small mill foil island that has formed in our back lake. Chickamauga Lake, that is. It looks like the ocean out there.

If you look close, you can see a couple of coots.

Let me begin by updating you on Scott’s Folks. They are both doing well. The new living arrangements are working out great. The staff at the assisted living love Poppy and Evie, everyone does! Such sweeties!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I left my job of 4 years with a specialty pharmacy to help take care of Scott’s Mom, and it was such a special time for me. Evie and I really bonded. If you recall, Evie has advanced dementia, she may not remember her time with us, but I will💚

She loves the shit out of me!

Now, Let’s talk about ME!! I have a new job! I am now employed with Snapdragon Hemp, a Chattanooga based health and wellness company. My position is Wholesale Mgr, in other words, I go around to other Wellness shops and try and sale my wares. It Is a great gig, and I shall talk more about that as we go along. My new job does allow me to enjoy the freedom of travel, as wherever we land, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Oh and I got a haircut!

Now when I started with Snapdragon I knew I would have some good gigs, and honey, this was one of those. A tattoo convention! There so many tattoo artists there, you wouldn’t believe your eyeballs. TALENT is the word that can only be used when describing it. I was blown away! I know you are asking, did I get a tattoo? No I did not. I couldn’t get settled about it. If you know, you know.

One of the first duties in my new job was to co-work an event in Nashville, TN. In other words, myself and my friend and co worker go to events, set up a table, and sale hemp. Sort of like when all those sons a bitches from the Bible set up those tables in the synagogue and decided to have a yard sale…. Sort of like that, but no one got all mad and flipped the tables over and yelled and screamed…Yada yada yada…. But you get my drift.

Me and my partner in crime. She is the most non Karen Karen you will ever meet.

Let’s cut to the night before the tattoo convention. Scott and I had left Waynesville, NC to travel to Nashville. We arrived around 3:30 that was a Thursday. As we where Turning in to the camp site, we heard a loud “POP” and I mean loud! We both panicked and jumped out the truck. The mother fucking hitch broke. We where able to get it into the site, but boy, you talk about a nervous gal, that was yours truly.

Now we are parked and think “Whew , that was a close one”. When Scott tried for 2 hours to get the camper off the hitch. THIS IS WHEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENED. No, the hitch did not miraculously repair itself , like in the movie Christine. Big Stephen King Fan here. Better than that. This sweet angel pulls along side of me, jumps out of her black f150, and starts setting up camp in her cute as heaven airstream. I was mesmerized.

That was miracle numero uno….yes there was a second miracle. No longer had I gotten the words out of my mouth complementing this cherub next to me , when this BIG ASS Pink and Green Bus comes barreling up the hill 2 spots from us! I knew the universe had heard my plea then and there. I was expecting a whole passel of people to come out of that bus, instead all that popped out was this magical being walking toward me and spoke to me in the most perfect accent I have ever heard “ Hello Mother Fuckers” I was in love then and there.

Who are you and will you fit in my pocket? That was my first words to Lou. Who’s Lou, you ask? @luinluland on instagram. Please look her up, then you will understand why I had the biggest girl crush of my life, sorry ladies. I knew nothing of what Lou did for work, nor anything else about her, except she was amazing. I KNEW I had to know more about her, so I somehow ended up at her picnic table with Lou and Atomic Doll! Who’s Atomic Doll? Honey, let me tell you, this is one bad ass human! If you do not look her up on instagram @atomic_doll_inc shame on you! She is an amazing performer, model, and a great person. I knew nothing of her fame , I was star-struck pretty damn fast.


More on the ways that night changed my life…. I am sad to say I did not get to spend enough time at the Elm Hill Resort In Nashville that I would have liked, however the time I was there was spent well. As Scott was waiting on the repairs to be done on the broken hitch, Lou says , again in the perfect British accent “What you going ta eat”, to my response being, “Oh, I’ll find sumthin in theaarrr” in my finest southern accent. Lou: “ I am going to order Indian food” and so she did. I can not tell you one dish that I ate, what I can tell you is that was some of the best food I have ever eaten. I do not even know what restaurant it came from, I would give them a 5 star rating if I did. I am now and Indian Food connoisseur, so don’t come at me with some mediocre Indian Food, I will send you away!

Luinluland. I want to be her when I grow up!

One more thing about that evening, turns out Lou is on a US tour to promote self love for women. Self love being, buy that purse, take that nap, have a day alone, and masturbate! Turns out she sales vibrators for a living!! Follow her. She will change your life ladies! In those few hours I spent with Lou, she listened to me a talk about my life, and she told me I finally found self love. That is when you can let love in your life, and so I did❤️ The day I left, I walked over to Lou’s Bus to tell her goodbye, and these are the words she said to me “I am a better person for meeting you”. You can imagine my reaction.😭 Thanks Luinluland and Atomicdollinc for such a magical evening.

Saturday. As I said I now work for Snapdragon Hemp and I do events from time to time. This particular weekend, I had an event at the Music City Center in downtown Nashville. The tattoo festival I spoke about earlier, I want to spend a little more time on the subject. Turns out a contestant on the hit show “Inked” had their shop sat up across from us! I had no idea who this man was, I have never watched the show, however, my best friend Cindy sure knew. Al Fliction from season one turns out. Super nice guy. He told us that the show encouraged him to be a real asshole, in reality he’s precious. So I had go get my picture made with Al. These are some of the other friends that stopped by our shop!

Hitches, tattoos , vibrators. Who Knew 3 things could be a subject of a camping blog, and a great band name to boot. The time I spent in Nashville will be one night not soon forgotten. It is amazing to me that all things do indeed, happen for a reason. Until next time, ADVENTURE ON!!!!!

I am so cute!

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