Party Like It’s 2023!

November and December, much like 2022 itself didn’t go as planned. We had unplanned trips home and a bought of sickness. We changed our plans as mentioned in our posts and had as much fun as we could muster including spending Christmas in Chattanooga and celebrating my beautiful granddaughters marriage on New Year’s Eve.

We started 2023 with more sickness with Cathy having a bad cold and me getting it as she got over it. All that being said we both have decided that it’s time re-discover some structure to our lives. Even though I did a considerable amount of planning in 2022. It was all focused on just making sure we had a place to stay and dealing with my parents health. Our days missed the routine of trips to the gym, Taco Tuesday’s, brunch with friends and planned time to blog.

We are starting 2023 setting aside set times for exercise, blogging and hanging with friends old and new. We also need to plan a vacation or two. So you all can look forward to more consistent posts. better images of our travels and hopefully some growth in our media and store offerings as I cast off my shroud of procrastination and start 2023 feeling renewed after the chaos of 2022.

Now with the chaos did come a backlog of adventures to share. So, while we start a regular weekly posting of current events we will continue to mix in the ones we didn’t have time to share before. We are officially snow-birding for the first time and I want to share some things we are learning about that. There is post coming on our current RV resort and all the great food, music and fun we are already having here in Foley/Gulf Shores.

I specifically want to begin to build out our tips section with things we have learned and must have equipment. let’s not forget everyones favorite topic….internet access. What’s it like working full time from your RV? What’s the downside of a life on the road? Would I ever live in brick and mortar again? Is 300 sq/ft enough space to live in comfortably? There are many things I want to write about and share beyond just the campgrounds, restaurants and attractions we visit.

What’s Ahead?

I don’t know if you guys know this or not but Mobile is the location of the original Madi Gras, or so they claim. they have almost a month of parades. We are going to experience this phenomenon. Also, most of the towns around here including Foley and Gulf Shores also have parades. Yes we are planning on dressing up for Carnival.

Evidently, there’s an amazing St. Paddy’s day pub crawl in Gulf Shores that we plan to tell you guys all about. We hit up a Gumbo and Alabama Slammer festival. There is live music everywhere down here. We will share some fun places

We plan our next locations and adventures. Maybe I’ll share a little about how we plan. I know, I know it seems like we didn’t plan in 2022 but we did a lot of planning. We just had to do a lot of alternate planning.

What’s it like to be a Snowbird or as we prefer to call it Wintering. Cathy thinks that sounds more bougie. We added a cooking device to the mix and we will review it. We are not happy with our camping chairs so there will be a hunt for new ones. We have our first two leak and more.

So stay tuned.

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