I Love a Parade

If you read my last blog, you will know that I was a little sad to leave St George Island, the show must go on.. Next town, next adventure.

The next campground we booked, or should I say Scott booked, was in Milton, FL. I said the same thing , where in the hell is Milton Florida?

Let’s start with where we stayed. Avalon Landing RV Park is centrally located in the areas of Pensacola, Navarre, and about an hour from Destin. The campground itself is pretty sweet. Not a lot of fluff or fancy, however, the bathrooms and the laundry room where very nice. And the few people we interacted with where precious. It is located on a ‘Bayou” if you will with a cozy little bridge you can fish off of, without the danger of being arrested by the fuzz, you do not have to have a FL fishing license to do so. We fished and couldn’t get those fish attention for shit. Good thing we weren’t fishing for our supper, we would have went to bed hungry that night.

The following day I set out to work and explore. I ended up at the Boardwalk at Pensacola Beach. Not a whole lot there, honestly. A couple of restaurants on the beach, I ate at one of those places, Whisky Joes. It was overpriced, however the views where amazing. Also there where a few shops open, most closed. It was the off season, so not a lot going on, it was super nice outside, the sun was shining, it was so warm. I really enjoyed that day.

Now, I will ask a stranger sups fast to take my pic if I am feeling myself. I was this day! What where the chances that he would be there? He knows, and he knew I needed to whisper something in his ear. I will never tell what that was, so don’t ask. Just kidding I asked for a dog! We about to find out if Santa really listens. Update. He didn’t. Boo Santa

When I was gallivanting around Pensacola, I saw signs that proclaimed “ Christmas Parade this Saturday”. I told Scott WE GOING! And boy, am I glad we did! I really do love a parade. I love waving at the participants of the parade and getting candy and beads thrown at me like tiny Missiles. The Pensacola parade did not disappoint! I yelled and knocked sniveling kids out of the way for the booty. Just kidding, no kids where harmed, however, I did holler for my life!

I am going to spend a few minutes talking about the parade now. We where waiting for the parade to come on down Palafox Street when I realized that people where above us on a balcony, and those SOB’s where catching, what should have been my BEADS! I summoned my husband that has to put up with all my Tom Foolery, that his job was to find us a spot on that balcony. Guess what? That sweet mutha fucka got us up there ! It turned out to be a redneck honkey-Tonk bar. It was prime stalking ground for the beads! I did well, as the pic below shows. The parade itself was amazing. Lots of marching bands, floats, and performers. I freaking loved it!

The rest of the time in the area of Pensacola was really a blur. I have a full time job as well as my award winning blog, At least i think it is. I worked a lot those couple of weeks, and talked to a lot of great people. One memory that does come to mind is the night we ate at the Global Grill.

Let’s talk about the global grill for a bit. We went there on a recommendations from locals. We got there right before 5:00 and it was pretty slow. We sat at the bar, because apparently you must have reservations, which we had no idea. It was white table cloth, and fancy smancy. They specialized in small plates, so we had Ahi Tuna , Brussels sprouts and another savory snack that eludes me. On to the main course, yes I love food, yes I eat, yes I have curves that I haven’t had in the past, but that’s another story.

One of the smartly dressed waiters started rattling off the specials of the evening. He said ALOT. 15 minutes worth, I shit you not. Somewhere in his speech, he mentioned Wagyu beef, and ole Scotty perked up. He decided that would be our dinner entree at the great price of $39.99. I am not much of a steak eater, so I sort of poop pooed it, that we could share a plate. HONEY. Let me tell you, that we the BEST piece of meat I have ever had in my mouth! It was thick and seasoned perfectly and melted in my mouth like honey butter. I ended up eating more than half , and the vegetables that were served with it. Make you slap yo Granny upside her head. It was that good!

After our amazing meal, I excused my self to the little girls room, and when I was walking back to the bar to Scott, I saw him looking down at the bill shaking his head. He was also “Blowing his breath out hard”, if you will. The wagyu Beef that he thought was such an amazing deal, turned out not to be so amazing. He misunderstood the price when the auctioneer was telling us the prices. $109! For a steak! Our bill was $257 after tip. I could not help but laugh at Scott’s paled face as he pulled out the card to pay. We both agreed that was a treat, and we deserve a treat every once in a while! We had to eat sandwiches for the rest of the week!

This was after I ate my portion. It was 12 ounces. I was hungry dammit!

We really enjoyed the Pensacola area. The beaches are all white sand beautiful. We did have one really nice day that we went to the beach. It was too cold to get in the ocean, however, it was a great day for frolicking!

Overall, We had a great time in Milton Fl and surrounding areas, and will most likely visit again. Stay tuned for my next tantalizing tale From the Sunny Shores of Foley AL. Love that word, tantalizing. Thanks for reading, now go Adventure!!!

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