So this past Tuesday, June 13th, I pulled Big Ass Pearl and the Montana out of site #30 at Chester Frost Park headed a little over an hour away to Fall Creek Falls State Park. The last time I camped here was in February last year and we were in the Grey Wolf travel trailer.

The camper wasn’t the only thing different this morning. Today I packed up the Montana by myself. I hooked her up and pulled out with an empty co-pilot seat. My spirit of adventure and anticipation of the next stop at an all time low. My beautiful, free spirited, talented and funny partner in life no longer by my side.

I started this post a couple of weeks ago but then didn’t have the heart to finish it. One thing is for sure, the best segment of my life to date has come to an end. I never planned or wanted to do this alone but the lyrics from one of my favorite songs will not leave my consciousness these days.

As the tears were a fallin, he was recallin answers he never found…

He Went To Paris by Jimmy Buffett

Among the many things that will be different now is this blog. I enjoy writing and sharing my small adventures with you. I always thought I would write a book and I’ve started a few. But for now this blog is my outlet for writing and I intend to continue it just as I intend to continue on this course to see this beautiful country of ours.

So with that being said and as the thoughts in my head begin to focus on positive and productive things. The blog, socials and upcoming YouTube channel will shift context slightly. The basics of sharing information and a few stories will remain. However, they will be from a slightly different point of view. Traveling and RVing as a single person.

Since Cathy was the room brightening free spirit and I’m the more stoic and analytical side of the blog. I’m going to make an effort to inject some frivolity. Wish me luck! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a boring person but it just doesn’t flow into my writing quite the same.

It’s hard to think about traveling alone at the moment but I’ve done a little research and there appears to be a sizable community of folks traveling solo. Mostly in smaller rigs than mine. It’s going to be strange dining or checking out a brewery solo. But there are others doing it and maybe sharing experiences from that perspective will find an audience.

I’ve also been talking to some folks for a while about being guest bloggers on the site. I would like to have some adventures from other perspectives like car camping for instance. So look for new posts from new perspectives and I hope you all continue to enjoy the content.

Cathy if by some chance you read this or a friend shares it with you. I love you. I wish you peace and happiness and I hope you finish life with the best stories to tell. You made my life a brighter and better place and will always be one of the best chapters in the book of my life.

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