Desoto State Park II

See Maiden Voyage for more on DeSoto State Park.

August brought us back to Desoto only this time is was much warmer this time around. Even in the mountains, August is hot in Alabama. This was another weekend trip and I would like to say we did a lot of different stuff….but we didn’t. We did rent Kayaks this time a paddle on Little River above Desoto Falls. I evidently failed to bring my dry pouch for my phone as I cannot find any pics from the river. I will tell you it is a nice flat water paddle.

This also brings me to another topic. I’ve been trying to work out a way to take our kayaks with us as opposed to renting when we get there. I mean I already on flatware and whitewater boats. I have a great solution for the Jeep itself and It was great for tent camping. This is one I can recommend. Hitchmount-RACK.

Our popup did not come with factory installed racks and I do not want to put holes in the roof. Also, since I have a Wrangler and not a truck I have the issue of getting the kayaks to the river if we are not camping on it. If your camper is your kayak hauler it’s not a good situation. So I tried to engineer it.

This didn’t work once I got it all together, but hey now I have extra hitch accessories. The issue was this was too long and created dragging issue. It also caused the rack to lose stability it gains by being strapped directly to the spare tire. This setup would also reduce the tongue strength. So now I’m thinking a custom made hitch that includes a rack like the one I bought. I have a drawing if anyone is interested just reach out through the comments or contact page.

Back to the trip. We hit Gadsden again, More Back Forty Beer Co. and Blackstone Pub & Eatery. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Y’all may not have caught on to this yet but my wife has amazing facial expressions. Just one of the things that makes life with her fun.

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