You’re back for more?? Well, lucky for you I’ve got another crazy adventure to share today , and I am so glad that you showed back up! I have been debating on what to write about in this weeks blog, but I have made a decision. Okay first off, lets , again, talk about this being an adult blog, because I like to throw in a few cuss words every now and then, just to spice things up a little. So set back, get comfortable, and read my damn blog!

I was apparently excited about something in the far corner.

Back in 2020 with the covid shit was in full swing, we decided we may want to upgrade to a larger camper, and Scott saw a few on the world wide web. Okay, I know that every blog I have written is about when we had our popup , and I will write soon about an adventure in our new camper, just let me get through this weird ass story first. Like I was saying, Scott saw listings for campers in the elusive town of Cave Springs GA. Now Cave springs may be a very nice town, but I was not overly impressed, too tell you the truth I really don’t remember that much about the town itself. ANYT-WAZE, we take the popup and hit the road. First stop was the camper dealership my beloved saw on the inter web. 1. They had shit for inventory. 2. The campers we wanted to look at , gone, they done sold the out from under us. Just kidding, they had no idea we where coming down. Campers where high in demand , everyone was scared of the covid and headed for the hills. Needless to say, we left there empty handed.

This is one of the beauties they had for sale. Customized for all your tech needs.

Now for the camping part of this story. Scott had found a campground for us to stay on our visit to the unfruitful camper dealership. Cedar Creek RV & outdoor center is where we ended up. If my memory serves me, I believe it had been bought by someone else, and they where making changes, yada, yada, yada….. At first glance, I thought to myself ” you know this is kind of nice”. It had a nice camping store with kayaks for sale, camping gear, and snacks. The road was a gravel road, easy to drive on.

Only pic I took this trip, me looking all cute.

It was NOT nice. It was not a total dump, but I will tell you the pros and cons of this here campground, sorry that’s my country talk coming out. Cons: 1. Our site had ZERO shade, and the popup had a hard time keeping up with it’s little air conditioner. 2. A tad too close for comfort to our neighbors. 3. The bathhouse was 12 miles from our site, or it felt like that far, we had to drive to the bathroom from our site, unless you didn’t wait til the last minute and take a walk. 4. MOTHER FUCKING FLIES!!! Now, I hate flies , they are shady little bastards, I don’t trust them. I have never seen so many damn flies in my entire life! Now I want to interject here , I do not fault the campground for all the flies… I felt like one of those poor kids they used to show on TV , you know the ones with Sally Struthers , the kids from Ethiopia that flies where all over? That’s a terrible comparison, but there where a lot of flies! We still had the wrangler, and we had the top down, and the mother fucking flies where all in the jeep flying around like they owned the damn thing. If I said the words mother fucking flies one time, I said it a million, insane I tell you, insane!

The neighbors lovely solar flower garden, it’s unique, I’ll give them that.

Now to the Pros: Ruth the Donkey. Yes there was a sweet Donkey out in a filed behind the campground , and he was a friendly fella. Yes, he was a fella, our neighbors verified this, oh and by the way, the neighbors lived there full time. They had a camper, maybe 28 feet long, living there for about 8 years! I do not know how in the hell they could stand all those flies, to each their own. Back to Ruth, you may ask, how did you know his name was Ruth? I didn’t , I just gave him the name. Now you may ask, why Ruth? Anyone remember the show “Gunsmoke”? If you do, leave a comment if you know why! This could be fun, maybe I will start including a trivia question every blog, and ask for the answer in the comments, maybe then ya’ll will leave a damn comment!

Just kidding, but for real, I wish y’all would leave a comment and let us know if you are enjoying our blog, what you would like to see more of , and if I should stop using bad words in my blog. Well piss off, cause that ain’t going to happen.

So that, my children is the story of the Fly Capitol of America aka, Cedar Creek Rv campground. Thank You guys so much for supporting us by reading this crazy shit, well not Scott’s his is really good! Going to stop for now, I have a shit ton of laundry to do, and I am tired a hell. Until we meet again, keep adventuring, and NEVER trust a fly!

This is a bag of DEAD MF Flies!

P.S. Leave a comment on where the name Ruth came from , they’ll be no prize for the correct answer, sorry , we have yet to make one red cent on our blog Love you mean it 🙂

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  1. I’m living for this blog. And yes, flies are sneaky little bastards! Hahaa

    1. Cory Lee!! Thank you so much❤️💕

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