Steak Night at the Driftwood Diner

Well Hello Friends. Yes, I think I can refer to you as my friends, after all, this is, what? The fifth or sixth time you have shown up to read my blog! Not so sure why you keep coming back. Just kidding, I know why really, because I am a damn good story teller and you love me 😉

You like me, you really like me!

Today’s Zany story is current as we speak real, time just happened last night and today for reelz. So, we went home for a week, and then headed out again Friday evening. Scottie so Hottie, the one that makes my liver quiver, booked us a campground in, are you ready for this? Fooshee Pass Campground in Ten Mile, Tennessee. Never heard of the place. The ride was quite pleasant and we arrived with plenty of daylight left.

When we first arrived, we where assigned to lot 19, and it was pretty much a shit lot, so we asked to be moved. The nice camp host Lady allowed us to move to site 31. Now, just to warn you, there are several bad words in this next little bit of the story.

When Scott has to back into a site, I usually Jump out of the Jeruck, that’s what I call the Jeep Gladiator. It’s a Jeep and a truck… jeruck. ANTY-WAZE….. I get out and we make a plan. Well the plan went to shit. What we have got here is a failure to communicate. Trivia Time!! What movie is that line from? Leave me an answer and we may have a major award for the first person with the correct answer. No, no we won’t, however, we are working on Merch, so you may be the first to posses some of the coolest shit known to man! So, leave a damn guess, at least, and I don’t give a rats ass if you google it or not, just answer the damn question, and let us know how much you love our blog. Please and Thank you.

Leave your answer in the comment section!

Back to the subject at hand. Scott starts backing up the rig, and I think I I know where he wants to put it. Y’all some dirty minded sons a bitches! Guess what? I was wrong , I just had a momentary burst of false confidence that we would do this take on the first try, again, wrong. So, the Mr. had to get out of the Jeruck and explain it again. Take 2. It’s a no go. Mr MAN had to get out the jeruck and explain again how the camper was to be parked. Take 3. Another failed attempt. Okay by this time, you can imagine what I was thinking. You asshole, it is -1276 degrees below zero and just because the camper is not perfectly aligned with an imaginary line, it will not do. No Sirree Bob! Cut to Take 19. He parked the damn thing on his own.

I also love cursing.

A little about this town…. Cathy, please tell us what fun and exciting things are there to do in Ten Mile Tennessee, population 377, my new fact checker confirmed, that would be myself. The answer is Jack Shit. That is what. Now there are few restaurants, and of course the Good ole friend of the working man, Dollar General, and the famous Rita’s Flea Market, which was closed, however, there where a rowdy pack of Bikers in the back causing a ruckus, so naturally, I was IN!

We finally got settled, I apologized for my rude conduct, refer to the fifth paragraph, and we decide to go out for Dinner. There is a really good Restaurant about 3 miles from the campground, Euchee Grill and Brewhouse. I have never eaten there, but I have dined at their original location, Monkey Town Brewery in Dayton TN. Look it up, you will see how it got its name, very interesting. Scott was looking forward to eating there, as was I, however, they had not opened for the season. I have forgotten to tell you my reader, that it is cold as fuck here this weekend. It was 32 degrees this morning! We stayed plenty warm from our awesome fireplace, oh my goodness I haven’t mentioned , this is a story coming from our brand newish shiny camper! I LOVE IT! I’ll save the great story about how we snagged this beauty in a future blog… you know I always leave you wanting for more you savages!

Sad Times.

Alternate plan…. Simple, or so we thought. We would just find somewhere else to eat. Nope. Everything was closed. This is one of those tintey towns that roll up their sidewalks at 5:00 P.M. I logged on to the World Wide Web and googled, (it’s a search engine, you should try it sometime), and entered “Food Near Me Open”. Nada, zilch, zero, nothing, your shit out of luck man” for results. We had pretty much decided to dine on hot dogs and chips and salsa back at the camper, when low and behold, Scott spots a opened sign in the door of the Driftwood Diner. Hallelujah, well maybe not. The erase board in the window stated “ Temporary Hours 11-8, and by this time it was 8:15. Well, My fearless Prince decided to see if they where really closed , they where, but they still invited us in for dinner, and they would gladly serve us with what they had left from their dinner service. We go in and sit at the bar, now not that kind of bar, this was a real Family style restaurant. Scott was really looking forward to trying of The Euchee Grill Beers, however, beggars can’t be choosers.

Great food and Friendly staff! 4 OUT OF 5 STARS.

There where 3 young girls cleaning up the tables, and 2 cooks. The little blonde, I wish I could remember her name , was so sweet. She told us that they had steak, baked potatoes, green beans and a salad left. Scott and I looked at each other and said “we hit the jackpot”. She was the sweetest little girl, and the other little girl was just as sweet. The third one, well she wasn’t very sociable. They where 14 and 15 years old and this was their first job. They told us of their hopes and dreams. They talked our ears off.

The owner came out and spoke with us, now realize we where the only diners in the joint. Made sure we where enjoying ourself, and thanked us for coming in. The wife, actually the true owner, came out as well. She told us about a Market they have right outside in the parking lot on Saturday. She said that they usually have fresh vegetables, fresh eggs meats, and there is just no telling what you might find! So we decided to check it out the next day. Well, we were sittin’ there we spotted a delicious looking cake in a glass cake plate sitting on the counter, and I had to have a peace to go. More on that later…………We graciously thanked them again for all their hospitality, paid the bill, and on our way out, I slipped a crisp $20 bill in the little blonde girls hand and told her to split it with the other girls. She looked at me and asked if I was sure, and I said Yes, y’all where great.

Make it rain.

I know you are on the edge of your seats wanting to know more about the cake. We brought it home, retrieved 2 forks from the pantry, and dug in. It was the worst cake I had ever eaten. It was some sort of maraschino cherry cake with vanilla icing and chocolate chips. It had been sitting out for at least for 98 days. It was like cake sawdust…. It wasn’t that bad really, yes, yes it was. Just awful. However as I mentioned earlier, the meal was delicious. Y’all check them out if your ever up in their neck of the woods!

It was pretty bad.

It was too damn cold to have a campfire, so we decided to watch a movie. If you’ve never seen Without A Paddle, you need to. I laughed my ass off. Shoutout to my friend and Co Worker Hotrod Rambo, who told me that was her sons favorite movie, and that I should watch it. The scene where he was hit in the face with that fish… if you know, you know.

I Laughed my ass off at this movie.

Went to bed after a little more TV, and went night night. Got up this morning which is April 9th 2022, had some coffee and breakfast. I told Scott that I wanted to go to the “Market” that the nice proprietor of the Driftwood Diner spoke about. I thought I might find some tomatoes, fresh fruit, and maybe a cute sweatshirt, again cold as shit. We load up and head out. I will now list what I found at the Ten Mile Market 1. Jack Shit. There was one lonely truck there boasting of “ Fresh Beef” we didn’t browse his wares. We did grace the Dollar General with our presence and that was our big outing for the day. We came back to the camper, built a campfire, and have enjoyed just being with each other. By the way, Mr. Scott has a birthday coming up, so y’all show him some love in way of letting him know how appreciative you are of creating such an award winning blog.

So, that my friends is our current adventure at Fooshee Campground in Ten Mile TN, unincorporated, again, fact checker… She is the best!

Damn, she’s sort of hot!

Thank You guys again for all your support , and your kind words about our blog. We sincerely appreciate! I had better go for now, The season premier of Invasion, it’s on Apple TV is about to come on, and I hear a bowl of lucky charms calling my name! Til next time, Adventure On!!

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  1. Great story explaining how to have fun doing nothing.

    1. We are masters at that !

  2. trivia answer Cool Hand Luke

    1. We have a winner !! Ms R, You have a brand new shiny new campsitebrews t shirt in your future! Thanks for playing !

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