It has been too long since my last blog… Please forgive me. Had a lot of shit going on.

Now that the apologies are out of the way, let’s talk about what’s been happening. As you know, we started full timing about 8 months ago or so, and it has been mostly good, been some bumps in the proverbial road. I am not here to talk about those however, I am here to talk about a magical place. A place that I knew existed, I had heard about it for quite a while. 5 years to be exact.

Before I let you in on the magic, l want talk about the week before that. We had taken a trip to Flagler Beach FL to enjoy the beach and the sun, and to hang out with friends that live close by. I imagined my days working and my evenings on the beach. I did work a lot, however, no beach days were to be had…. Because Flagler doesn’t have much of a beach, due to natures way…erosion. We where able to hit some of the local spots to eat. Johnny D’s is a great local hangout, and we met some fun people! A lot of great food in and around Flagler, that’s for sure!

Just a few more tidbits about some of the adventures I had around the area of Flagler. St Augustine is one of my favorite places to visit, so much to see and do. I bee bopped around the main touristy area of St Augustine working…. and I loved it. Dined with the the Dude in the morning , went to a magic show on my lunch break, and found a charming cigar bar and invited to perfect strangers to have a stogie with me. It was a great day!

This was the week of Thanksgiving , as well as a Hurricanegiving. Yes it came a hurricane while we where there, Nicole. I won’t lie, it was exciting. I have never been in “hurricane” weather, and as bad as I hate storms, the idea of riding out a hurricane seemed appealing. I guess it’s the Leo in me. We sort of road it out, we wimped out at the promise of strong storm surges and damage, so we went and stayed at our friends house that lived close by. They where so gracious to host us. Cut to the next day…. Everything was fine. I have a suggestion for all you “weather channel” buffs. I am not saying that the weather channel is a bad source of weather, it is probably the best, HOWEVER, their job is to keep you watching. I was THERE, in the direct path of the hurricane. Now, I am not sure where they were filming their coverage in Flagler Beach, but I can tell you with authority, it was not close to us, and Flagler is not that big of a place. Now, the waves did decide to scream a little louder the day before, and the wind was pretty mean as well, however, it was so no where near as bad as they portrayed it on the weather channel. That Jim Cantore is full of shit.

Back to the magical place….. As I was saying, I had heard of this place, just had never been. Scott asked me if I would like to go to this mystical island next, if only for a week…. You can guess what my answer was! Now Scott had told me about this place many a time, and I always thought, “It must not be that nice, or we would have already been”. I can bet mean like that.

St George Island was all the Hype! You ask me, how could it be so special?? Well honey, sit back a spell and listen, Cause I’m gonna lay it out for you.

As soon as we drove around that corner, and the most beautiful shoreline came into view, I knew then and there I was hooked! It was right at sunset when we pulled into our new campground, and I do believe that was one of the prettiest things I have ever witnessed in nature. It was almost like a promise, the universe letting me know it had me all hugged up.

Coastal Rv Resort was a very nice campground. We had a site overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and it was nothing short of amazing. I have to give Scott props on this find, it was grade A glamping. Concrete pads to park on, a great laundry room, bathhouses, it was real nice. The town was just as nice. They had a Piggly Wiggly Express for God’s Sake! How awesome is that, And it had everything supply you needed, and great people that worked there, I wanted to work there!

On St George Isalnd, there is limited places to eat, good places. We ate at Mango Mikes the first night and had the sweetest bartender that was actually from the island! That is something hard to find, a native. The drinks where good, and the food was even better, we actually went back another night to dine.

While we where there, we also took in a golf cart parade. Most people that live on the island get around by Golf Cart, and they decided to have a parade that maybe 100 people attended, it was Freaking Awesome! Let me tell you, the people that live there know how it is done. No one ever seems to be in a hurry, and are always in a good mood, no wonder I would be too living in such a magical place.

If you have never been, you owe to yourself to go, especially if you are like me, and love a great vibe, and a little a little slower pace to life. It is a place I can see retiring too, I liked it that much.

I drove the 15 minute drive to Apalachicola to work and see what all the fuss was about. Loved this little town as well. They had more dining options and Mom and Pop stores to die for. No big Box stores here Missy! I started of with the Apalachicola coffee and chocolate. A cute bakery and coffee shop. I ordered a strawberry cream cheese strudel, it was heavenly! I sat outside, and the sweet lady that worked there asked if I minded if she took my photo! I said “no publicity”. Just kidding, I said hell yeah! She sent to me , that was such a good day.

Looking all cute in my sneaks

I also visited the Raney House Museum, I was the only participant on the tour that day, and Kevin, the tour guide gave me the grand tour and let me ask all the questions. It was a great tour and interesting. Here are just a few pics I took.

Later that week Scott and I went back to Apalachicola to have some grub and found some people to hangout with , which is great while out on the road. It can get lonely, and I need all the friends I can use! WE met John. He was a wise old owl. I fell in love , he didn’t want me so I just gave him a fake kiss and said goodbye John. Ya snooze, Ya loose.

John. He will be sorry , I am a real catch!

We ended dining with some other great folks we met at up the stairs, a local favorite on the island! We had a great time with them and promises of keeping up, but you know how that goes.

On our next to last day we where in St George, we decided to try out Paddy’s Raw Bar. Some of our friends back home told us we should try it, so we did. This bar was like no other on the island. It is tucked back at the end of a gravel road where a restaurant should be, but there she was, welcoming us to come on in. It is a sunny place for shady people, and honey I can be shady as a MOFO. We loved this place. We watched college football all day and stayed around to listen to the live music that night. Needless to say, I would recommend Paddy’s, the service was great, beer was cold, and the oysters where the best I have had, I suck mine straight off the shell, I don’t need any sauce to change that savory taste that hits the back of your throat going down, Yummy!

St George has been my favorite place we have been to since we started full timing. We will be headed back home next week for Christmas and to Spend much needed Friend and Family time. I do love the camping life, but Homesickness is real. Til our next time together, adventure on!!!

Merry Christmas from St George Island!

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