Lakes, Life and Lager

Hello y’all! We made it back to Chattanooga for a stay that looks to be longer than planned. After a short stay at Harrison Bay State Park we are back at Chester Frost Park. We spent so much time here as we prepared to hit the road, that as we drove down the road to the campground Cathy said “Feels like coming home”. Our Apple Maps is still confused and thinks Harrison Bay is home though.

We have a great spot right on the water and when we move we will be on the water on the other side of the peninsula. So even though our stay is extended we have great sites while we are here. It’s great to see family and friends but I’m not going to lie. I’m itching to get back on the road. After a good experience wintering in which we didn’t get outdoors enough. I’m ready to hit the lakes, trails, creeks and rivers out there.

But since we are here taking care of some personal business. We might as well enjoy it. If you are following the blog and not familiar with the area. Within a couple of hours of Chattanooga, ie. day trips. You can find some of the best whitewater kayaking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, trout fishing, mountain biking and about any other outdoor activity you can think of. And let’s not forget the other part of our blog, beer.

Yes, Chattanooga has some really, really good breweries. Plus, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and more are within a two hour drive. So outdoor activities and craft beer are abundant and as Cathy and I transition back to being more “outdoorsy” we will share the adventures with you. Hopefully adding more short and long format video to the mix.

We have written a lot about Chester Frost so I’ll just link to previous blogs and reviews. Our content for the next month or so will focus on outdoor activities around the area. I will add that our current site is perfect for sunsets. Next week we will be on the other side which is perfect for sunrises. Enjoy a few sunsets below.

First up will be a kayaking trip we are planning for next weekend. Not whitewater, just nice river or creek paddle with the Wilderness Tarpon sit on top. I’m way overdue for some time on the river. I’m looking forward to the time with friends and sharing some details about the creek or river, kayaking tips and of course pictures and videos.

Squirrel moment…. There’s a Bald Eagle fishing right out in front of me. We see five or six Ospreys every day fishing but this is the first Bald Eagle I’ve seen on this stop. I tried but I couldn’t get a good picture.

Anyway, get ready to hear about our outdoor adventures and the craft beer we cool down with afterwards. I need to go plan our dinner. Going to invite some friends over and cook over the campfire.

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